The Trenton Ques

History of Delta Upsilon Chapter

During the latter months of 1949, through the leadership of Dr. J Minor Sullivan, eleven energetic and dedicated Brothers of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity began to assemble at each other’s homes in the Trenton, New Jersey area with the vision of organizing a local graduate chapter through which they could further the Four Cardinal Principles: Manhood, Scholarship, Perseverance, and Uplift.

Like the founding fathers of our beloved fraternity, those eleven Omega man represented varied professions such as teachers, lawyers, doctors, and administrators.

The original brothers of Delta Upsilon Chapter were: Charles C. Buford, M. D., Howard Gibbs, Charles Gibson, Allen C, Holmes, William H. Love, John F. Marshall, M. D., Thomas A. Moore, J. Minor Sullivan III, M.D. David M. Waters, Leonard J. Williams, Esquire, and Frank H. Wimberly, Esquire. Brother Wimberly was also a Charter member of Alpha Chapter, the original chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, founded at Howard University in 1911.

Following many months of preparation and formulation of ideals, the brothers determined that through concerted actions and efforts as a Chapter, they could express themselves and engage in activities, which would be beneficial to the community. In the spirit of the Cardinal Principle, Uplift, the Brothers sought to assist in affecting a change in the general attitudes and conditions of Blacks in the community. Application was made to the National Body for a Charter. On January 30, 1950, their vision became a reality when the Supreme Council of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity established Delta Upsilon as a Chapter.

The charter officers of Delta Upsilon Chapter were: J. Minor Sullivan III, [Basileus], Charles C, Buford, [1st Vice Basileus], Allen C. Holmes, [2nd Vice Basileus], William H. Love [Keeper of Records and Seal], Frank Wimberly [Keeper of Finance], John F. Marshall, [Editor to the Oracle, Leonard J. Williams [Keeper of Peace], and David M. Waters [Chaplain].

Throughout its years of existence and even to the present time, Delta Upsilon has sponsored several cultural, civic, and social activities, which have been geared toward raising funds in order to provide scholarships to youths and ultimately contribute to other worthy community projects as well as national causes.